Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions of sale

Article 1

With the exception of special written provisions drawn up by an authorized person, the present Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to all the services provided by Castel de Pont-à-Lesse S.A. and to all contracts which have been agreed or are to be executed. These Terms and Conditions are clearly displayed in the premises and are to be found printed on the reverse side of all published documents. They are, thus, deemed to have been sufficiently brought to the notice of clients, contracting parties and third parties.

Article 2

The rates mentioned may be subject to modifications without prior notice to this effect. The rates which have been confirmed in offers remain valid for a period of 3 months. Beyond this deadline, they may be modified in line with economic conditions. The rates which apply are those in force on the day the service is provided.

Article 3

The hotel manager’s liability

The hotel manager shall not be held liable for any damage which may arise following an event which he is unable to foresee (force majeure), in spite of all the necessary precautions, in view of the circumstances and consequences.
Nor shall he be held liable for damage caused by mistake, even partial mistake, by the client.
Articles 1952 and 1954quater of the Civil Code apply with regard to safe-keeping.

Article 4

The client’s/contracting party’s liability

The client must behave in accordance with accepted standards and the hotel’s house rules in which he/she is staying; the client may consult the hotel’s house rules. Any serious or repeated violation of the hotel’s house rules entitles Castel de Pont-à-Lesse S.A. to put an end to the contract without prior notification. The client and the contracting party are jointly and severally liable vis-à-vis Castel de Pont-à-Lesse S.A. for any damage caused to persons, hotel property, fittings and equipment and those areas to which the general public has access.

Article 5

Clients agree to inform the hotel of any change in the use of the rented premises and not to invite any persons whose behaviour, reputation or respectability may in any way prejudice the hotel’s property or moral reputation, with the latter reserving the right to intervene if necessary.
In the event of non-compliance with this obligation, Castel de Pont-à-Lesse S.A. shall be entitled to cancel the event without compensation.

Article 6

The client shall only be sent invoices which exceed 300 EUR and then only at his express request. Nonetheless, Castel de Pont-à-Lesse S.A. . reserves the right to demand prior payment of the bill or corresponding bills. All recapitulative bills or invoices are payable in cash and without discount. Such bills or invoices rightfully entitle Castel de Pont-à-Lesse S.A. . to charge interest in arrears of 1 % per month, without formal notification, until full and final payment thereof. In addition, from the time the first formal notification for late payment is sent out, a lump-sum amount equal to 15 % of the bill or the invoice, with a minimum of 150 EUR, may by rights be demanded. Any late payment of a single bill or single invoice entitles the hotel or any other of Castel de Pont-à-Lesse S.A. . ’s establishments to suspend all instructions, all bookings and all services and all sales or delivery, of whatsoever nature.

Article 7

Force majeure

In the event of force majeure or unforeseeable events beyond one’s control, the party concerned is discharged from its obligations, without this giving rise to compensation. However, the party concerned agrees to inform the other party via all possible means so as to limit all possible damage.

Article 8

The hotel’s booking contract is governed by Belgian law.
Any disputes arising out of the present contract are to be dealt with by the competent Court of the district in which the company has its registered office.

Article 9

Right of withdrawal.

Satisfaction or refundThe buyer has the right to communicate to Castel de Pont-à-Lesse, by registered post, that he withdraws from the purchase contract without having to pay a compensation or having to state a reason for the cancellation, provided that he does so within 14 days following the day after booking.

Article 10

The price for stays can be paid online by VISA, Mastercard or American Express credit cards. Online payment by credit card is made via the secured system of Cubilis, which allows the encryption of your bank data during transmission over the network. All payment transactions are processed automatically via a secure server.

Special contract conditions for groups


The parties to this contract understand the following under the present conditions :
Hotel : the hotel’s name is Castel de Pont-à-Lesse S.A

  • 1.1 : Customer : the party which concludes an agreement with the hotel
  • 1.2 : Group : at least 15 persons for whom in principle the same date of arrival and departure is planned and whose stay or accommodation in the hotel is the object of the same agreement.
  • 1.3 : Participants : members of the group,
  • 1.4 : Offer : the offer made by the hotel to the customer
  • 1.5 : Pro forma invoice : estimate made by the hotel of the total price of services to be supplied calculated on the basis of the offer and on the details given by the customer .
  • 1.6 : Final invoice : the total price of the services supplied by the hotel calculated on the basis of all services provided .
  • 1.7 : « No show » : the group does not turn up on the expected date of arrival without any written cancellation sent by the customer .
  • 1.8 : Catering : the provision of food and drink by the hotel.


The present special contract conditions for groups are wholly applicable to any agreement for groups concluded with the hotel and have priority over any possible varying conditions , provisions or terms which may appear in brochures , folders, on websites or in any commercial documents.


The duration of the offer is expressly indicated in the offer .
The agreement is concluded the moment that the hotel receives a dated and signed copy of the offer and a copy of the present special contract conditions for groups and a copy of the general contract conditions of the hotel for the period that the offer is valid. These documents must be provided with a stamp from the customer if the latter is a legal person with the handwritten words “read and approved”.


Any modification of the agreement may only take place providing express written permission has been given by both contracting parties .


The rates indicated are net rates inclusive of VAT and taxes and are not subject to commission


The customer agrees to pay an advance of 30% of the total amount of the pro forma invoice at the hotel’s request and by the date determined by the hotel . This advance will be deducted from the final amount of the invoice.

If the agreement covers a series of successive , similar services , the customer undertakes to pay the total amount of the first service in the series at the hotel’s request and by the date determined by the hotel . This amount will be deducted from the final amount of the invoice pertaining to the final service in the series.

If the customer has not paid the advance by the date determined by the hotel , the hotel has the right to terminate the agreement without serving any period of notice and without being liable to pay the customer any compensation . The customer will be informed about the termination of the agreement by the hotel by written notification.


The customer undertakes to confirm the number of participants at least 21 days before the arrival of the group . The hotel should be informed of the final list of names of all participants and , if they intend to stay overnight , the distribution of the rooms , ten days before the group’s arrival at the latest.

If the customer does not confirm the number of participants as specified by this article , the hotel has the right to use the rooms which were originally reserved for participants but which were not confirmed , without the customer having any right to compensation.

If the final list of participants is extended with additional participants at the written request of the customer less than 10 days before the group’s arrival , the hotel will try to accommodate these extra people if rooms are available .

The provisions of this article shall apply notwithstanding the application of the provision on cancellation as specified under Article 9 below .


If upon arrival at the hotel there are not enough rooms available for all members of the group whose reservation had been confirmed in accordance with Article 7(1) , the hotel has the right to provide accommodation for the whole group or part thereof in another hotel of a similar category .

The hotel is free to choose this alternative hotel and will cover the costs of transporting group members to the other hotel including the cost of accommodation in that hotel . Under no circumstance can the hotel in which accommodation was originally reserved be held liable to pay compensation of any kind to the customer .


Whole or partial cancellation of the agreement by the customer must be done in writing . The date on which the hotel is notified in writing of the cancellation by the customer shall be decisive for any compensation owed to the hotel due to the cancellation . .

The amount of compensation owed by the customer to the hotel as the result of cancellation is a percentage of the total amount of the cancelled service as specified in the pro forma invoice and is applied as follows :

  • cancellation by not later than the 60th day before arrival of the group : 0 %
  • cancellation from the 59th to the 30th day before arrival of the group : 25%
  • cancellation from the 29th to the 15th day before arrival of the group : 50%
  • cancellation from the 14th to the 8th day before arrival of the group : 75%
  • cancellation less than 8 days before arrival of the group : 100%

In the event of a no-show , the customer is liable to pay 100 % of the total amount of the pro forma invoice .


If one or more participants should disturb the smooth running of the hotel or place the reputation of the hotel or it’s safety in jeopardy , disturb other guests in the hotel , or are drunk or damage the hotel in any way , etc., the hotel has the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement and to remove one or more individual participants or the whole group from the hotel , and to wholly or partially halt provision of services to the group , without being liable to pay any compensation to the customer. If the hotel should take such measures , this does not waive the customer’s obligation to pay part of the final invoice with regard to the stay of the group concerned .


Notwithstanding any written agreement to the contrary , individual participants shall pay for any additional costs incurred during their stay at the hotel . These costs include the mini bar , bar , restaurant , laundry and phone charges .

Such extra costs must be paid by individual participants to hotel reception staff by no later than one hour before the planned departure of the group .

The customer has the express obligation to ensure that there is sufficient time for individual participants to settle these amounts and if these are not settled , shall be obliged to pay any outstanding amounts.

The hotel cannot in any way be held liable for any damage caused by the late departure of the group if this late departure is due to settling additional costs incurred by individual participants.


The customer shall pay any costs for services not mentioned in the agreement ordered by the customer or one of the participants during their stay at the hotel either directly from the hotel or via the hotel by a third party , or directly by a third party which are not included in the costs as specified in article 11.

The customer shall unconditionally be liable to pay any cost relating to such additional services including any invoices submitted by a third party to the hotel in the mistaken belief that the costs of the order would be covered by the hotel.


Any consumption of food or drink other than that provided by the hotel is prohibited unless otherwise agreed in writing with the hotel .

If the agreement stipulates that a group will be taking one or more meals in the hotel , the customer must confirm the choice of menu or buffet with the hotel not later than 10 days in advance . If the customer does not make a choice before this date , the hotel has the right to make a choice itself in the category of the menu or buffet as specified in the agreement.

The customer also undertakes to tell the hotel in writing the exact number of people who will be taking meals in the hotel at least three working days before the date of the event. If during the event there are more participants than originally indicated , the hotel will do its best to meet the demand without the hotel being obliged to provide more meals than ordered by the customer and without the hotel being liable to pay any compensation .

The customer must pay for all uneaten meals and any extra meals provided


The hotel undertakes to place the rooms at the disposal of the customer from 5pm onwards on the day of arrival . The rooms must be vacated by 10,30 am on the day of departure at the latest .


The customer must inform the hotel beforehand about the presence of a photographer who has been hired to make photographs , videos , etc . in the hotel.


All legal formalities that must be met when holding certain musical events , such as notifying SABAM(the Belgian copyright association) , must be satisfied by the customer . The hotel bears no responsibility relating thereto and cannot be held liable if certain rights are not paid and/or certain formalities are not fulfilled .


The customer must inform the hotel in writing of any trade show or event organised by him in the hotel where the customer wishes to set up one or more stands or to decorate the hotel for this purpose not later than 10 days before the start of the event with regard to the mount of stands to be set up or the extent of the decoration so that the hotel can grant its approval . If no approval is obtained , the hotel retains the right to prohibit the setting up of the stands or decorating the hotel for the purpose of the event without the hotel being obliged to pay any compensation.

In addition , the customer shall ensure that any material introduced into the hotel for setting up the show or event is removed afterwards and the rooms returned to their original state . The costs of repairing any damage to the rooms made available will be borne by the customer . The assumption that the customer is liable for all damage to the rooms put at his disposal after a trade show or commercial event can be refuted by informing the hotel beforehand in writing of any damage already done before the stands were set up and the rooms decorated.

Any commercial activity or sale to the general public by the customer or by any individual member of the group is strictly forbidden in the hotel .

The customer must inform the hotel beforehand if he will be charging an entrance fee for the trade show or event . Under no circumstance may hotel staff take part in collecting entrance fees.

The hotel shall in no way be responsible for any damage resulting from the holding of the trade show or event or for any incidents occurring during the show or event . The customer shall be liable for any damage caused by individual members of the group , participants in the trade show or event , invitees, guests or visitors.

If the customer employs a third party or has recourse to the services of a third party , he shall be liable under civil law for any damage caused directly or indirectly by the third party to the hotel , shall expressly declare that he will bear the costs of repairing any damage to the hotel and will hold the hotel harmless from any compensation which it may be ordered to pay as the result of the damage caused by this third party.


Written permission must be obtained from the hotel beforehand for any use made of the name of the company , hotel , logo or trade mark .


The hotel cannot be held responsible for theft of equipment or for damage to the equipment or caused by equipment brought into the hotel by the customer . The customer is responsible for the integrity and safety of this equipment and should take out a theft , non-life and liability insurance that he thinks is necessary .


The customer expressly declares to have taken cognizance of all provisions of the general conditions of the hotel appended to or attached to the back of the present document . The customer accepts that these general conditions form an integral part of the agreement and that the provisions are directly applicable to the agreement providing the specific provisions of the present special conditions or of the written agreement itself do not expressly deviate from the said conditions.


Satisfaction or refundThe buyer has the right to communicate to Castel de Pont-à-Lesse, by registered post, that he withdraws from the purchase contract without having to pay a compensation or having to state a reason for the cancellation, provided that he does so within 14 days following the day after booking