Menu card restaurant

The starters

Cheese croquettes with local cheese, fried parsley.

Burrata of goat milk, assorted tomatoes and pumpkin coulis.

Minced raw beef, cubes of duck liver and old balsamic vinegar.

Homemade ravioli with snails from Warnant, smoked ham from the Ardennes

And mousse of candied garlic.

Vitello of veal and smoked trout, sage and lime.

Rillettes of salmon and regional smoked trout.

 The main courses.  

Risotto of wild mushrooms and white truffle oil.

Farm chicken fillet with beans and wild mushrooms, parsnip cream, passion fruit sauce.

Beefsteak, French fries, salad, pepper sauce or mushroom sauce.

Fresh fish, mashed potatoes with cress, grey shrimp butter.

Pig filet, vegetable stew with beans and chorizo.

Roasted filet of pike perch, butter sauce with mustard, seasonal vegetables.

            The desserts

   Brownies with blueberries, vanilla bourbon ice cream.

Crispy pie with peach, cream of Muscat.

Panacotta with cuberdons, forest fruit.

Cheese plate from the Férauge farm.

Mikado pancakes with Lagavullin whisky.

      The chefs menu

Two courses :

Starter and main course: 36,00 €

Main course and dessert: 32,00 €

Three courses: 41,00 €

Drinks forfait : wines, water, coffee or tea : 22,00 €

4 courses

Menu chosen from the card + cheese plate Ferme Férauge (suppl 7.00€)

 With your aperitif

Local cured meats from maison Beghuin 2 persons.  10 €

Some accompaniments may change due to delivery problems.

  With your aperitif

Local cured meats from maison Beghuin 2 persons.  10 €


The classics

 Meat balls with tomato sauce, French fries



Vol au vent, French fries



Thai beef with coconut milk, grenaille potatoes



Minced raw beef, French fries, salad












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