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 Stew of wild shrimps with devil sauce. 19,00 €

Lukewarm crumble of goat cheese with small autumn vegetables. 16,50 €

Tartar of scallops with beet and vinegar of Banyuls wine. 21,00 €

Stuffed mushrooms with local snails and herbs. 16,50 €

Terrine of game with garnish. 16,50€

Deer in carpaccio, marinated mushrooms and Parmesan cheese. 19,00 €


Main dishes


Fresh tagliatelle with wild mushrooms and white truffle oil.  26,00 €

Sirloin steak with French fries, Roquefort sauce or butter flavoured with herbs, autumn garnish. 31,00  €

Fresh fish upon arrival, risotto with pumpkin flavoured with sage. 29,00 €

Tomahawk of pork with winter herbs, grilled vegetables.30,00 €

Fillet of pheasant with root vegetables, pepper sauce. 33,00 €

Fillet of doe with cinnamon biscuits, pepper sauce and autumn vegetables. 36,00 €



Pear, praline of porcini mushrooms and vanilla ice cream.  10,00 €

Ice parfait with coffee taste with tonka beans.  10,00 €

Regional cheese plate from the Férauge farm.  13,00 €

Chestnuts cream with candied apple and Grand Marnier.  10,00 €

Lukewarm chocolate pie with whipped cream with salted caramel.  10,00 €

Fine apple pie with cinnamon ice cream.  10,00 €



With your aperitif

Local cured meats from maison Beghuin 2 persons.  13 €



Some accompaniments may change due to delivery problems.






Four course menu


Deer in carpaccio, marinated mushrooms and Parmesan cheese.


Pumpkin soup with North Sea shrimps. 


Larded pheasant fillet braised endive, leek mousseline flavoured with vanilla.


Ice nougat with Mandarine Impériale and quince coulis .


Price  per person : 61 €


The classics


Meat balls with tomato sauce, French fries





Vol au vent, French fries






Minced raw beef, French fries, salad




Child menus


Cheese croquettes


Soup of the day


Main dishes

Chicken fillet with vegetables and french fries


Fish upon arrival


Steak with french fries and salad



Ice cream with whipped cream


Fruit salad

Child menu 2services 22€      Child menu 3 services 31€



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